New Year, New Music. The anguish of desk sitting is quickly soothed by the discovery of new music.
Here are some recent favourites discovered last year and early this year – available at the end of the story as an Apple Music Playlist.  (We can’t be held accountable for any mood changes you experience).
Captain, My Captain – Songs from The Deck – Vol.1
Dean Lewis – 7 Seconds –
Aussie newcomer, raised on the Beatles and Oasis, seemingly came out of nowhere in 2016 with his hit ‘Be Alright’. Soon after Waves was making waves all over social media. Yes…waves.
Now, a concert sell out, Dean Lewis knows how to write a song.
7 Seconds is his latest release.

Follow him on Instagram – his stories are intimate and hilarious. @deanlewis.
Check out Be Alright on the Ellen show

Anson Seabra – I Can’t Carry This Anymore

Brand new single from newcomer Anson Seabra. This guy is a bit of an enigma. Powerful vocals and singles that have been let free onto the tube and taken a life of their own.  ‘I Can’t Carry This Anymore’ is a ditty to the durge of depression. . “I feel it heavy in my bones, now – feel like everybody goes out and smiles for the ‘gram, yeah, – tried, but I can’t,  – prayer in the shape of prozac .

A Year On Earth – Sirens

Sam Burger, 21 year old lead singer of South African band Opposite The Other is a dark horse. He has recently released a new lofi indi ambient folk project called A Year On Earth. All songs were written, performed and sung by himself in his bedroom. Discovered this via Apple Music and for weeks thought it was an international (not that that makes it any better).

Here is a little mixtape of what to expect – Sirens is on the playlist at the end.

Good Work Sam Burger @samueldburger @appositetheother.

The Burning Cities – The Road ( FT Reggie Scheepers).

Brand new single from Glen Hodgson from The Parlotones who has been a very busy boy. Burning Cities is the latest side project after Lost & Found. Standout artwork, deeper darker melody and vocals. Can’t wait to see what is next. ” How can I describe this lonely feeling, tell you what I believe in, you just hang up the phone” –

Lewis Capaldi – Grace

2018 find, but still a favourite on the playlist. Scottish singer songwriter who throws his heart around the room like it’s a baseball bat. Now signed to Island records, Lewis was a bedroom artist – and when he released his first single Bruises, the song shot to 28 million plays on Spotify.

Isaac Gracie – Silhouettes Of You

Devoured in 2018, still devouring 2019. One of those songs that builds slowly and then crawls up behind your head and smashes your face into the table. British based Isaac Gracie, is quite simply, quite lovely.

His debut album is out now.

Banners – Someone To You
A not new – new find. A friend once told me at a dinner party that this sounds like “One Direction”. I took it lightly and ignored him. Take a listen for yourself. Wonderful uplifting, anthem sort of song to warm you up after the other depressing stuff on this playlist. Watch the video.

Dermot Kennedy – Young and Free
Powerful stuff from Dublin newcomer who mixes indie folk sounds ala Bon Iver with Rnb Hip Hop. Dermot is part of the new club of musos who are making it big on platforms like Spotify without even releasing an album. Being a massive fan of Justin vernon ( aka Bon Iver) but mainly listening to Hip Hop, Dermot is a man of extremes delivering music on another level. He has eventually released an album now – the self titled Dermot Kennedy.
Take a listen.

Manchester Orchestra – I Know How To Speak 

Raw, open, honest, and heavy – “I Know How To Speak’ features on the documentary soundtrack EP – “The Black Mile Demos” released in 2018.

The pest about pain It’s timeless and honest So let go of your shame It’s dead dampening blanket It’s a façade Go back and look at your training There’s nobody else like you I think I finally explained it, So I continue to move Between the bank and the blanket, don’t fake it”

Ruen Brothers – All My Shades of Blue

Timewarp track yanked straight out of a Lynch movie mixed with broody Chris Issac blue suits. Don’t stop listening until you get to the chorus, and then once you’re done, put it on repeat. Believe me, you’re going to want to.

Playlist compiled by Indie folk mopester Captain – Joanne O