SONOFOLD brings some Sunshine. “Don’t Forget That Sunshine, Baby”

When I think of Nic Olsen, it reminds me of first discovering Perez back in the early 2000s. It also reminds me of a group of boys filled to the brim on whiskey and life making the best music their little hearts could contain. Ive always been a massive fan. Then Perez disbanded, the boys grew up a bit, had some babies and some life experiences and there was a void in the musical atmosphere.

Since lead singer of Perez reformed as SonOfOld it’s been an exciting time. He has just released his latest single ‘Sunshine’. Like  millions of artists out there who have something very special but are not given the attention they deserve, I believe Nic is one of those artists who really should be up there on the main stages with a lot of the greats. His ability to write songs that are instantly addictive and cross genres from the ’70s, ’90s to the future, his natural-born killer musical talent is a special, special lollipop to suck on. The fact he can switch from rough Jethro Tull sounding vocals to this new sunshiny Beach Boys track is a wonder. Sunshine features Rami Jaffee from Foo Fighters and Theo Crous.

The track starts with classic rock smoky pub sounds but quickly turns the corner and starts winding down open beach road highways in a convertible with the top down and Nic’s hair blowing in the wind. The song has so many familiar sounds of bands I have loved over the years, but I cannot pinpoint them all. It’s a bit Weezer and Fountains of Wayne. The change in vocal style is once again astounding. It’s like we are listening to 2 different artists. The chorus ‘Don’t forget that sunshine baby” is foot tappingly groovy.

This is like a 2024 Beach Boys track reminding us all to not forget that sunshine – baby.   Well done Nic, you’ve done it again.

Review – Captain Painter Jane Jo