Who is SonOfOld? The Return of Nic Olsen from Perez.

There was a brief stint in the early 2000’s in South African music when some giants would be born. I worked for a music Magazine called Epic and was in touch with the touchies of the music industry, and so I got to hear the songs before the rest of the world did.

Ill never forget a lazy afternoon with fellow Epic Journalist Maryke Zietsman at her house in Blairgowrie, who had started dipping her toes into the live music scene, playing me this song called Picture Perfect by this band called Perez. I had heard of them from the guys at Powerzone, but she had just got the final mastered single. To be quite clear, I had NEVER heard anything like this from a South African band in my life and I was shattered.

Perez, who were fronted by Nic Olsen, were like a bunch of young surfer hippies, except they had the talent that equally rivaled many of the more well know International bands out there, in fact, far surpassed some.

Years went by. Perez released 2 albums, their debut still standing as their classic, and then they went into hiding, or living, whatever you choose to call it. Perez and The Parlotones were signed to the same label, and so it makes sense that later down the line Nic ended up joining their band for a while and wrote the classic hit song ‘Push Me To The Floor’.

Nic then moved to Germany, and forever teased his local fans with talks of reunions and new music, but nothing ever happened.


Nic moved back from Germany in 2011, but has been very secretive on the socials, so when we started seeing teasers for this new band called SonOfOld and heard the name Nic Olsen – we were riveted. Watch the video and see for yourself. The full length album is coming 24 July.


Nic Olsen shares his favourite songs with us for the Modern Day Mixtape

Exotica – Parcels

Introduced to me by a friend earlier this year from the bands self-titled 2018 album. The album is from beginning to end brilliant and worthy of its own playlist.   

Bloody well right – Supertramp

A song from my childhood that has resurfaced in my playlist.  Music to watch people by all the way.

Oh Baby – LDC Sound system

First heard these guys in 2004. Famous for their hit single “Daft Punk is playing at my house”. The fat synths are just awesome … late seventies early eighties sounds all the way.

Open up your heart – the Rapture

One seldom discovers a great song at a live gig.  Saw these guys play at a venue in Munich in 2003 and this song just brought the roof down. It would have fitted seamlessly into the Trainspotting soundtrack.

When you die – MGMT

MGMT – one of my favourite bands. I like all their albums. The lyrical phrasing is so passive aggressive I just love it!!

Golden Sun – Gown

The project of American singer songwriter Thomas Vinton Snively III. I toured Italy and played the legendary stoner rock festival Duna Jam in Sardinia some years back with him. He has been one of my biggest musical/creative influences. 

She – Gram Parsons

Legendary American singer/songwriter … introduced to me by Snively (above). Gram is Thom’s cousin. Gram died young but had a huge impact on both American and British music.

Mr Spaceman- The Byrds 

My favourite Byrds number. Gram Parsons (previous track) joined the band for a time contributing to the Sweetheart of the Rodeo album which became iconic for defining the genre “Country Rock”.

Take me to the Pilot – Elton John

Elton at his best. The man holds the groove down on that piano like a boss, a masterclass performance.  

Ophelia – The Band

Don’t tell me drummers don’t sing… What a groove, what a tune, what a tour song.  This song just makes me happy … even with a splitting headache.

Leave the Scene Behind – The Wave Pictures

Toured Germany with these guys some years back. Such a tour song … the “Marc Ribotesque” guitar solo mixed with a little Violent Femmes vibe… awesome.

Mr Understanding – Pete and the Pirates

Also played with these guys around 2010. The singer currently heads up a band called Teleman, not sure if the band consists of the same members but they sound pretty similar. The singer’s solo project Tap Tap Tap is also awesome. (check out the song “Codeine”) He writes awesome tunes !!!

Say Yes – Elliot Smith

Just a nice way to round things off. Simple pure songwriting genius by the late E.Smith. 


Article: Captain Joanne Olivier