A summer bird has flown into the city and he goes by the name of Charlie Finch. He has an uncanny resemblance to Matthew Mole,  but oh so very different. I first met Charlie one afternoon In Linden where he was meeting with his PR lady discussing his new single. I watched the video afterwards on You Tube after and suffice to say, have been hooked ever since.

 His first single “If I Ever Let You Down” is pure rolled up trousers, skinny ankle showing indie pop folk heaven. Hailing from the windy city of PE, Charlie’s new album “Life’s Journey” has just been released, to much hullabaloo. 

Every now and then a new artist comes out of the ether and you can predict his success, see him at all the summer festivals being cheered on by pale girls in short shorts and purple sunglasses, sipping on vodka sippy straws. For a young guy, the lyrics and subject matter on “Life’s Journey” are profound and thoughtful. My favourite track off the album is ‘Time’ – a woeful pop ditty with a deeper meaning. “Time is a mystery, one that’s passing us by, If you are not careful with it, it will pass you by in the blink, in the blink of an eye.” 

Charlie has been writing music since he was 15 and studied music at University, so this is no career sought out by chance. The second single “Stay The Winter” has a lyric video shot on an Iphone, reminiscent of that scene in Love Actually. “Life’s Journey’s” songwriting is intense and beautiful, with songs that stick like gum to your brain. With a mix of pop and mopey indie folk sad bastard guitar tunes, Life’s Journey is a triumph and one we cannot switch off. 

Catch Charlie at a summer festival near you soon – believe me, you wont want to miss this one.


Review: Captain Joanne O