The term “artist” is loosely bandied about between different genres, people and patterns of expression. Music, art, design, author, madman. It’s hard to separate the one artist from the other as the only tie that binds is the almost insane necessity to create. There are some music artists who channel all their energy into one avenue of creation – Music, and therein stops the journey. For some, one avenue of self expression only is simply not enough, and so they chase it like an unquenchable wine whiskey thirst.

South African artist Loui Lvnd (London) is just that kind of artist. A  singer, song writer, rapper, performing artist, visual  artist and writer, Loui lives in that weird space between light and dark, constantly shifting and constantly challenging the norms of what is acceptable or expect able. One look at his resume and you will see what we mean. Loui Lvndn – real name – Lutho Mtyamde has a degree  in Creative Brand communications and graduated cum laude from  AAA School JHB. He has won a silver Pendoring for Illustration and  has been nominated for four Loerie awards in the Creative Writing and  Publication design categories. He has also won the Brand Council  SA trophy for top design student 2015, the Newcast Trophy for top  creative student and the AON Excellence Award for top overall creative  student in SA. Impressive stuff.

After the release of his EP Hikari, Loui is about to release his full length album ‘Your Princess is In Another Castle’. Yes, if you’re a Super Mario fan then you know what that means and just how frustrating the concept is. As Loui says – “The album is inspired by Super Mario and his futile quest to save his princess from the clutches of doom. I explore the repetition faced in playing the actual game for days, slaying the devils, clearing the levels, only to be told after each painstaking stage that “Your Princess Is In Another Castle.” Using this as a metaphor Loui explores the pursuit of happiness and love in a Novella styled album the details his quest and failure in a linear track-by-track narrative.

The album is teased by the lead Single ‘Kill Her Killer’ which is parts electronic, part punk and part indie pop. His twitter feed teased with big boots walking, an axe and the words “I’m coming for you”. It’s not the pop gunk you hear on radio and is definitely no genre definable. Each song weaves in and out of a powerhouse of lyrics, bass and sonic whirl that will leave you reeling and sweaty on the dance floor.

Loui is dropping singles each Friday on Apple Music as a build up to the full release of the album. Already available is ‘Kill Her Killer’ Body Of Work‘ FT Spoek Mathambo and today’s release ‘How Come You Dont Know Me‘. The artwork and design for the release is also mind bending and arcade game chic. Stream him and test it out for yourself.

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FOLLOW HIM:  Instagram @loui_lvnd and Twitter @loui_Lvnd and on Facebook – (Search for him, it’s not hard).